Big Timber has been constructing barns using the time-honored post-and-beam method for 30 years. For founder and CEO Bruce Willemsen, preserving the heritage of the American barn with each new project is a passion with its roots in his early childhood. When he was three years old, Bruce vividly recalls sitting in the kitchen sink in his family’s farmhouse, watching their large gambrel barn burn to the ground.

Bruce started his career in residential construction, but eventually his deep appreciation for his agricultural heritage and the family farm drove him to turn the focus of his construction business to building and restoring barns.

Today, Bruce is still very hands-on with his customers, designing dream barn homes, event barns, and livestock and storage barns, but he’s also focused on passing on the tradition of hand-crafted construction techniques to the next generation of builders.

When you work with Big Timber, you can expect a personalized experience, from the beginning of the design process through the barn build, which will be done by our full team of skilled carpenters. Or, if you prefer, we can partner with a contractor of your choice.

In the end, your barn will be a solid, rugged, and beautiful space that you can take pride in—an homage to one of the most recognizable and nostalgic American symbols.