Eunice Folkerts, Iowa—owner of Big Timber’s original Iron Horse barn

iron-horse-barn-builders“Our Iron Horse barn is our garage and workshop, and the top level is where we set up Davis’s old-gauge railroad replicas. Bruce (Willemsen, founder and CEO of Big Timber) named the style of barn the Iron Horse after he learned what the barn would be home to—steam locomotives.

“We are barn enthusiasts, and we knew what shape of barn we wanted. Davis wanted to replicate his grandfather’s northern Illinois barn with heavy timbers and a stone foundation. Growing up, I spent my summers in Norfolk, Connecticut, where my mother grew up. The wonderful, classic New England style barn with a stone foundation was something I wanted to use as inspiration.

“Big Timber Barn Co caught on immediately to what we wanted, and Bruce added some of his own ideas. He knew exactly what timbers to order. Our barn is about as authentic as you can make it using the materials available today. Rock for foundations came from farmers’ fields—we didn’t have that. But Bruce did find an excellent stone mason to cut our stone.

“Bruce returned to our house to add a deck with his two boys—he’s teaching them to build as well. I mentioned that I would love a screened-in porch in one corner, and he added it!

“We are enthusiastic supporters of Big Timber. Bruce is a wonderful guy—friendly and communicative. Barn Builders did a beautiful job!”