One of the most beautiful things about barns is the heritage and history behind the many barn shapes and styles found across the country and around the world. Barn styles generally are named for their rooflines, and it’s most often a specific roofline that speaks to our customers and determines the type of barn they build. Big Timber can construct your barn in any of the styles below, or even a combination of styles.

  • Gambrel – The quintessential barn shape, offering the greatest space in the interior loft.
  • Iron horse – Soaring wall heights anchor this Midwestern classic.
  • Homestead – An easily adaptable square shape.
  • Raised monitor – Characterized by a tall center ideal for extra storage.
  • Round barn – The most unique American original, built only by Big Timber.
  • Offset roofline – Two or more rooflines combine to create a customized space.