lean-to-red-gambrel-home-barn-buildersLean-tos are an economical way to add additional space to your building. We offer both 12-foot and 16-foot structures that can be added to any side of your barn. For event barns and barn homes, a lean-to offers a great opportunity for creating an indoor/outdoor living or dining experience, akin to a porch or covered patio. For even more usable space, consider a lean-to on each side!

Stone artistry

fieldstone-fireplace-in-progress-barn-buildersStone is the oldest construction material known to man, and it is richly versatile in shape, color, and applications. From stunning fireplaces to curl up in front of, to character-enhancing exterior stone accents, to timeless stone foundations, using stone in your barn project is a choice you’ll never regret.

Big Timber Barn Company customizes your stone artistry, carefully choosing and placing each stone, to accent your dream space and enhance the beauty and ambiance of your timber-frame barn home, storage barn, or event barn. We source our stone and stone veneer from around the world, so all we need is your inspiration photo and we can locate the perfect stone to create the look you’re dreaming of. Limestone, fieldstone, and Montana moss rock are just some of the stone materials we’ve worked with.


Big Timber offers several options in addition to our standing dead spruce. Cedar paneling, white oak, red oak, maple, and walnut are all available to our customers. Expect the addition of hardwood to increase your project cost by about 10 percent.


For entertaining and extending your living space, a deck is an ideal choice. Barn Builders can help you design a deck that flows seamlessly from your barn home or event barn and takes full advantage of your land’s unique features and views.


Shiplap siding

Gaining notoriety thanks to popular home improvement shows, shiplap siding is a traditional rough-hewn pine paneling used in barns. Shiplap can offer wonderful opportunities to be creative with finishing and design inside your home or venue thanks in part to overlapping, which creates texture and movement. It’s inexpensive, but also very durable and weather resistant.