A timber-frame barn home offers incredible versatility with wide expanses of living space. Whether you’re looking for a home that has rustic features or something finished with modern flair, the post-and-beam construction of Big Timber barns allows for endless possibilities.

Exposed post-and-beam construction results in a home with warmth and character as well as phenomenal structural integrity. Walls in your barn will be non-load-bearing—imagine the possibilities! Without the limits imposed by stick-built construction, your home can take on whatever layout best suits the needs of your family.

Whether you’re building a weekend getaway or a full-time residence, you can be sure your barn home will be an exquisite space your family will treasure for generations.

While almost any barn style will lend itself to use as a home, we suggest you start your search for your dream barn home by exploring the combination, gambrel, or monitor-style rooflines.