If you’re looking for an event venue that has the potential to make a lasting impression in the minds of your customers, leaving them eager to make another visit, an event barn finished to your business’s needs is an excellent choice. From wedding halls to wineries, clubhouses to lodges, a barn-style event venue offers you incredible flexibility to create a space with just the right ambiance.

Big Timber relies on post-and-beam construction, a method that allows for vast open interior spaces and completely customizable floor plans. The entire load of the structure, including the roof, is carried in the posts and beams, leaving you the freedom to design an entertaining space that can’t fail to impress.

As a business owner making a significant investment, you also want a venue built to exacting quality standards with unmatchable structural integrity. You can’t do better than our post-and-beam constructed spaces.

Big Timber can construct barns in any style, but business owners often choose to start with iron horse or gambrel-style structures.